What Is the Most Difficult Type of Medical Specialty?

Were you ever puzzled when people talk about competition in other medical fields? Me too. In this article, we will investigate the most competitive and desirable specialties and discusses their official statistics. There is a large amount of misinformation on the competitiveness of medical specialties. Both of them like to say that their specialty is competitive – and they are not mistaken. Here we will discuss the most competitive medical speciality type. However, some specialties are more competitive and more challenging to reach than others. I appreciate the ego, but that does not make you a good or poor doctor whether you believe that your practice is competitive.  You should get an Understanding The Role Of Forensic Psychiatry

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It just states which specialties are more daunting to join. And it is conducive for pre-medics and medical students to know which specialties are harder to identify. Again, both of your sectors are competitive, and it doesn't matter if your specialization ranks lower than you would like. Below, we make a list of medical specialty types that will help the medical students. The work's tension lies above financial stress. For various individuals, various images come to mind. For others, it means financial independence, a simple compromise of work and life, or a comfortable lifestyle. For some, the workload is heavy, and the commitment to support others is even more intense. Each factor also relates to deciding the burden you as a practitioner are going to face.

Medical Speciality Stress Rate

Depending on their specification, between 23 and 48 percent of doctors have burnout, with an overall burnout rate of 42 percent of 2018, down from the year before that of 51 percent. In other words, becoming a doctor means coping with a severe risk of discomfort irrespective of specialization. According to research from more than 15,000 doctors in 29 specialties, some specialties are much better from burnout than others, according to the Medical Association.

Here is the list of the most stressful medical specialty type.

Internal Medicine 

These medical practitioners prefer to deal with aging and sicker patients with many medical challenges and severe psychiatric and social issues. Like a regular day, no such thing should be prepared for dynamic challenges and be good listeners for internal medicine doctors. The contrary is that it is never tedious, and internists have long-lasting interactions with their patients.

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Emergency Medicine 

The only thing they can predict is unexpected when these doctors appear to operate. Hours differ significantly, and changes are the certainty at night, weekends, and holidays. There are high demands and regular interruptions. But there is nothing quite like it for those who love a challenge and thrive in chaos.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

There is no average day in gynecology and obstetrics, as in internal medicine. This is a stressor for others. It's a blessing to others. In addition to being on call for patients delivering children in hospitals, normal working weeks will include three or four days of in-house treatment and a 24-hour day. Although many moments are joyful, OB/GYNs will still see many tragedies.

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Patients with multiple illnesses without effective remedies, with few drugs, must provide supportive treatment for neurologists. Furthermore, these doctors have to handle caregivers who represent an essential part of their patients' health.

Family Medicine

There is still an aspect of confusion for family doctors since patients hardly have signs from textbooks. Owing to early discharges in hospitals, a focus on avoiding nursing homes, and population aging, patients, have been more complicated over the years. However, family medicine cannot beat if you are a person and have a long life relationship with patients and their families. Although there are signs that primary care benefits finally improve, the lowest overall salary for these physicians persists.

Critical Care

An ICU doctor sees almost everyday people dying and can be incredibly hard to take. Many of these clinicians ought to find ways to address fear and distress and support dead patients' families to trauma. Given these stressors, it may be fulfilling to help people understand what is happening to their family and live with death. The pandemic of COVID-19 highlighted their valuable work.


Many dermatologists meet by seeing more patients, up to 100 per day, with insurance reduction. Many who want to have their clinic also gain the freedom to make their hours, take full-hour lunch breaks, prioritize spare time with family and friends, and even several half days for surgeries.

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From all the above discussion, we have reached the results by considering the above-mentioned medical specialty type with its outcome, salary rate, and burnout rate. It has been concluded that the most challenging type of medical specialty type is critical care following family medicine and neurology. However, the least difficult type from the mentioned list is dermatology, where many people go with determination.


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